The telemetric stations transmit their data, acquired every 10 minutes, to the HYDRO-NET server at NOA’s Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD/NOA). These data are automatically forwarded to and entered in the OpenHi.net platform operated by the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS/NTUA). The data are freely available to any interested party.
Software has been developed by the HYDRO-NET team for the automatic quality control of data. The database of HYDRO-NET receives the current measurements from the stations, but includes also hydro-meteorological data series recorded during the program DEUCALION (2011-2014).
Streamflow campaigns: The HYDRO-NET team performs systematically streamflow campaigns at each station for the development of rating curves. In these hydrometric campaigns, observations are made either in-stream, with a current meter, and/or from outside of the stream, with a hand-held radar measuring the surface velocity. In addition, cameras installed at the monitoring stations record visually the stream status at 10-min intervals.